Kate’s Cooking Club

Edible entertainment, delivered right to your door!

What is Kate’s Cooking Club? A cooking class, with all the ingredients included, delivered for you to complete in the comfort of your own kitchen! Each edition of Kate’s Cooking Club is themed and will showcase an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for two, centered around the theme of the month. Also included are the all-important instructional and themed extras sure to make your evening one to remember! Need enough for the whole crew? No problem – Each order serves two, but you can order as many as you’d like!

Who can use it? Everyone! Foodies of all skill levels, new to the scene and adventurous alike, are encouraged to try their hand in this edible entertainment. Whether you enjoy these at-home cooking classes for date night with a special someone, the activity of choice for your friend group’s virtual cocktail hour, or simply want a way to sharpen your cooking skills, Kate’s Cooking Club is for you!

How does it work? Deliveries will occur two Thursdays each month through the afternoon, on the date described on the purchasing flyer. No need to be home for delivery – Items will be delivered in temperature controlled totes to the address indicated at check out (Before you order; check out what zip codes we deliver to here!). Fall outside of our delivery radius? No problem! Your order will default to a pickup from our commissary location and we’ll reach out with you to confirm your order! Once you get the items it’s as simple as completing the activity by the following Sunday and enjoying your meal along the way – No commitments, no subscription, just food and fun!

When do I get started? Today! Click the link below to purchase your first edition of Kate’s Cooking Club. When you love it, come back and get another! Have questions? We’ve got answers! Reach out to us directly and we can help!

Proud of what you made? Don’t be shy – Share pictures of your masterpiece with us! Find us on Instagram and Facebook @katescateringco