Kate’s 5 Pillars

The Kate’s 5 Pillars are the top five principles that drive our moral and ethical decision making, both in the commissary, and on events. We share these here to display our company’s transparency when it comes to making the very best decisions for our clients and for our food. We hope that these help give a glimpse behind the curtain into what the Kate’s team holds most dear, and how you can expect our team to show up for you and your guests at your next event.

  1. We Work as a Team, and it is Everyone’s Job to Get the Job Done: No task, no matter how big or small, is not suitable for every member of our team. Every job has value, and every team member will work tirelessly to show up for their fellow team members.
  2. We Value Open, Honest, and Concise Communication: We have an Open Door Policy at Kate’s, and all feedback, ideas, and thought processes are welcomed. We also value transparency and honesty when communicating with our clients. At Kate’s, we believe that being Clear, is being Kind.
  3. We Epitomize Respect: We respectfully treat each other, our equipment, and our food as if we are serving our families and friends. This respect extends to our venues and homes that we have the pleasure to work in, as well as respect for the events we are asked to be a part of.
  4. We Do What is Best for the Food, Not What is Always Convenient for the Team: Regardless of an event’s unique challenges, we will always put the health and safety of our food first. We don’t mind inconveniencing ourselves if it makes our food (and our client) happy.
  5. There Are No Golden Calves: We value innovation and creativity, and will always be open to trying new things. We will strive to stay limber in our operations, processes, and procedures, and relish the opportunity to think outside the box.